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Merchant List Updates

Thank you to our merchants for their participation in our Veteran’s Discount Identification Program! Together we are proud to honor our Montgomery County veterans.

When we record a DD214 (military discharge papers), we provide a veteran with a Discount Identification Card, but this program would not be a success without the support of participating merchants who provide the discounts to honor our veterans. To date, we have recorded over 8,000 DD214s for our veterans. Check out the list of over 500 merchants in our region that provide a discount upon showing your Montgomery County Veteran ID Card.

The list is updated monthly. Click here to view the list of participating merchants.

Welcome Home Brother –

North Platte Canteen –

Here is a link to Protect America, a national home security provider. Mention promo code ‘Military Awards’ for a $5 off monthly contract – a 10% – 25% discount. –

Click here for access –

Click here for access –

Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA. Please pass this information on to every Veteran you know. Nearly 100% of this information is free and available for all veterans, the only catch is: you have to ask for it, because they won’t tell you about a specific benefit unless you ask for it. You need to know what questions to ask so the right doors open for you and then be ready to have an advocate who is willing to work with and for you, stay in the process, and press for your rights and your best interests.

County VFW Human Services Center

Sean Halbom
Address: 1430 Dekalb St. P.O. Box 311 Norristown, PA 19404
Phone: 610-278-3285
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:15pm

The federal liaison out of Brendan Boyle’s office is Jim Kennedy 215-335-3355. He rotates between offices so it’s best to call him first instead of just stopping in. The state VA office can help with claims, tax exemptions and all kinds of other stuff. PA State Veterians Affairs 1-800-547-2838

Other Helpful Phone Numbers

Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Phone: 610-384-7711

Gulf War / Agent Orange Helpline
Phone: 800-749-8387

Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Phone: 800-949-1001

Spring City Veterans Affairs Out Patient Clinic
Phone: 610-948-0981

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
Phone: 800-829-4833

Veterans Affairs Benefits
Phone: 800-827-1000

Veterans Affairs Education (GI Bill)
Phone: 888-442-4551

Veterans Affairs Health Care Benefits
Phone: 877-222-8387

Veterans Affairs Life Insurance
Phone: 800-669-8477

Willow Grove Out Patient Clinic
Phone: 215-823-6050

Board of Veteran's Appeals -

Center for Minority Veterans -

Center for Women Veterans -

Department of Veterans Affairs -

Veterans & Asbestos -

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations -

Veterans and Mesothelioma –

Veterans and Mesothelioma -

Home Buying Resources for Veterans -

Veterans Business Ideas -

Aging Vets - How to Plan Wisely for Your Future -

Residential Leases and the Military - Your Rights -

Resources for Vets & Families Living with Cancer -

Military Veterans Resource Center -

Assistive Tech for Veterans and Military -

Guide to Military Moves -

Veterans and Asbestos -

Military Support Financial Resource Center -

Credit guide for military members and their families -

Financial Benefits of a Military Career -

Community and Support for Veterans -

Military Skills Transition Resources for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members -

Veterans' Guide to Driving and Transportation -

After the Military: Your Guide to Renting and Purchasing Property -

How to Become a Military Counselor -

Grants for Veterans -

Best Businesses for Veterans -

Veteran Specialized Programs -

Making the Most of the GI Bill -

Guide to Military Social Work -

Military members can save money on hotels, flights, car rentals & more! -

Best Military Mattress Discount -

Free Military Credit Counseling -

Military Members Can Save BIG on Interest & Fees With Service Members Civil Relief Act Credit Cards -

Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families -

Financial Aid Guide for Military Personnel and Veterans -

The College Guide for Service Members and Veterans -

Free eBooks for Veterans -

Verizon Fios Military Discounts -

Military Resume Example -

Financial Aid for Military and Veterans -

Military Discount for Active & Veteran Customers -

The 145+ Best Military and Veteran Discounts in 2019 -

Asbestos In The Military -

Verizon Military Discount on Wireless Services -

Veterans can use the code “ Veteran250” to save $15 off $250 or more, or “ Veteran75” to save $5 off $75 or more on their next repair or inspection. Visitors can find all of our services eligible for discount at:

US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline -

Veterans Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

Military Family Support Resources -

The History of Veterans Asbestos Exposure -

10 Best Military Banks and Credit Unions of 2020 -

6 Discounts for First Responders & Military Members -

Military Car Buying Program -

The Ultimate Guide to Strength Sports for Veterans -

Specialized Care For Veterans -

Veterans Mental Health -

10 Ways to Give Back to Veterans -

Guide for Veterans in Transitioning to Skilled Trades -

Veteran's Guide to Digital Jobs -

Guide for Veterans Entering the Construction Industry -

Ultimate Guide To Financial Aid for Military & Veterans -

Useful Resource & Links For Veterans

A Veteran’s Guide to Starting A Small Business -

Alcoholism in Veterans -

Veterans Dental Health -

Military Discount -

Motorcycle Therapy and Safety for Veterans and Active Military -

Jobs for Former Military -

A Guide to Outdoor and Wilderness Therapy for Veterans and Active Military -

Moving Military Guide: Active Service and Veterans -

Honoring Our Heroes: A Guide to U.S. War Veteran Memorials and Monuments -

Resources for Veterans and Families -

Small Business Resources for Active-Duty Service Members and Veteran Entrepreneurs -

Guide to Veterans Affairs benefits and loans

Information Technology (IT) Training & Career Resources for Veterans -

SNAP Benefits -

VA Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans -

Top 60 Veteran & Military-Friendly Employers -

College Resources for Veterans and Their Families -

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs for Military Spouses & Veterans with Disability -

Trusted Military and Veteran Service Organizations -

Highly-Rated Nonprofits Dedicated to Veterans and Military Service Members -

Charlotte's Web Military Discount -

VA Disability Calculator -

Starting A Veteran-Owned Retail Business: A Comprehensive Guide -

Memory Care Resources for Veterans -

Veterans Guide to Retirement Savings and Investments -

Financial Support Information and Resources for Veterans in Debt -

Guide to Auto Loans and Car Buying for Veterans -

Best Military Discounts From Top Stores -

Veterans Coping With Addiction: Information and Support Resources -

The Guide to Movies for Vets -

Veteran Abuse in Nursing Homes -

Veterans Small Business Guide -

Assistive technology toolkit for veterans with PTSD -

Jobs after the military: How to translate your military skills to a civilian resume -

Therapy for Veterans -

A guide to Active Duty Storage -

Free Grants for Veterans -

Resources for Female Veterans Starting a Business -

Single Mothers Grants -

Raising children on a single or fixed income -

17 Rules to Protect My Child Online -

Free Grants for Women -

Special Need Child Learning Styles -

The Importance of Early Intervention for Children with Autism -

Free Grants for Women -

Financial Aid for Minority Students -

Child Care Subsidy Program for Military Families -

Financial Help with Single Mothers -

Online Safety Tips for Kids & Parents -

Family's Guide To Cyberbullying and How It Can Be Prevented -

15 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying -

10 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying -

50 ways forest and outdoor learning experiences benefit child development -

Center on Elder Abuse -

Nursing Home Abuse Hotline -

Fall Prevention -

Home Organization for Newly Disabled Seniors -

Legal Resources for Seniors -

Veterans Benefits for Seniors -

Making the Move to Assisted Living -

Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling -

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors -

Home Accommodations for Seniors -

Tips for Seniors to Declutter and Organize their Home -

Elder Care Resources -

Keeping Seniors Safe Around Construction Sites -

Making the Move To Assisted Living -

100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled -

Nursing Home Abuse -

Transportation Resources for Older Adults - Transportation Resources for Older Adults

Selling a Home with Modifications for Older Adults

Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Living Communities -

Fall Prevention -

Fall Prevention & Mobility: Practical Safety and Organization Strategies for Seniors -

How to Talk about End of Life Planning with Your Family -

Helping a Senior Regain Confidence After a Fall -

Senior Fall Prevention: A Roadmap for Navigating Resources and Benefits -

Nursing Home Abuse -

Senior Nutrition Guide -

The Ultimate ‘Granny Pod’ Guide to Senior Living -

Clinical Trial Guide for Seniors and the Elderly -

Seniors Travel Insurance -

Travelers’ Health: Senior Citizens -

Safe and Budget Savvy Travel Tips for Seniors -

Seniors Traveling Solo -

Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring -

National Council for Aging Care's guide on Elder Abuse -

The Complete Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Falls -

A Senior’s Guide to Healthy Eating -

How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens -

Senior Health and Safety: Decluttering Guide -

Winter Home Insulation Guide for the Elderly -

Financial Tips for Seniors -

Fall Prevention and Management -

Internet Service Discounts for Seniors -

Does Medicare Cover Dental -

A Complete Guide to Ergonomics and Senior Safety -

A Guide to Mobile Device Security and Phone Plans for Seniors -

A Bathroom and Shower Safety Guide for Seniors -

Senior Remote Healthcare Options -

Helpful Bathroom Accessories and Remodel Ideas for Seniors and People With Disabilities -

Beneficial Video Games For Seniors -

SeniorCare Local Guide -

SeniorCare Find Home Care -

SeniorCare What is Assisted Living -

Fall prevention Facts & Tips for Preventing Falls -

Senior Driving Course Resources - h

A Senior’s Guide To Physical and Mental Fitness -

Senior Living Guide to Downsizing and Decluttering -

Bathroom Safety Tips for Caregivers -

Disaster Planning and Recovery for Seniors

A Guide to Maintaining Sexuality After Menopause

Nursing Home Abuse Guide -

How to Get Free or Low-Cost Disposable Adult Diapers -

Retirement Calculators and Resources -

E-bike Safety Tips for Seniors -

Digital Literacy for Older Adults -

Online Classes for Seniors -

Protect Seniors from Online Scammers -

How Age Affects Weight Gain: 7 Factors You Need to Know -

Nutrition Guide for Seniors -

Senior Housing Guide -

Guide to a Healthy Sex Life After 60 -

How To Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe From Online Scams -

Seniors Guide to Sexual Health -

Common Repair Scams Targeting Seniors -

Fraud Against Senior Citizens and How to Prevent -

Eye Health For Seniors - 

Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets -

Homes for Homeless Vets -

Homeless Veterans’ Resources -

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans -

How to Stop Living Out of Your Car -

Homeless Bill of Rights -

From Construction Sites to Constructed Homes (for Homeless Vets) -

Homes for Homeless Vets: Giving America's Heroes the Support They Deserve -

Legal Advice for Homeless Vets -

Food & Medicine for Pets of the Homeless -

StreetLink -

Soldiers Off the Street -

UK Ex-Services Members - Housing Help -

How to Stop Living Out of Your Car - Guide for Homeless Vets -

Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets -

Sleep Shelters For Homeless -

Homeless Students Guide -

Homeless Veterans -

Veterans & Homelessness -

VA Homeless Program -

Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities -

Renters’ Rights for Tenants with Disabilities -

Navigating Learning Disabilities and the Cost for Treatment -

Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities -

Persons with Disabilities -

Moving Tips for Seniors and People With Disabilities -

VA Disability Rates 2018 -

Traveling Abroad with a Disability -

Common Disabilities Faced by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans -

VA Disability Calculator -

Smart Home Tech for the Disabled and Elderly-

Quick Reference Guide for Railroad Disability Medicare -

An introduction to disability inclusion in the workplace -

Car Modification for Persons with Disabilities -

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Cars for Handicapped - 

Here is a link to the American Lung Association. -

Behavioral Health for Veterans -

How Does Trauma Affect Sleep? -

Guide to Finding a PTSD Therapist -

Here is a link to a site on tobacco's effects on veterans and how to live longer and healthier lives. -

Demanding Justice for Mesothelioma Victims -

CBD Oil Discounts for Veterans -

PTSD Symptoms, Trauma and Sleep Problems Guide -

What Veterans Should Know About Sleep -

Mental Health and Sleep -

Depression and Sleep Disorders -

Seasonal Affective Disorders and Sleep Disorders -

Mental Illness Vs. Autism -

New Mouth -

Medicare Savings Programs Options -

Understanding PTSD in Military Veterans -

Fast Facts About Mental Illness -

Medicare Preventive Services -

What Events Should Know About Sleep -

Your Guide to Better Sleep & Mental Health -

Guide to Finding Credible Medical Information -

Understanding PTSD -

Understanding a Veteran with PTSD -

Sunshine Behavioral Health -

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Screening Test -

Tips & Resources for Helping Veterans with PTSD -

Can a DNA test predict addiction? -

Chronic Pain: What it is and How Proper Testing Helps -

How the VA Uses Big Data Analytics to Improve Veteran Health Care and Well-Being -

How Does Mental Health Affect Your Sleep? -

Best At Home Bodyweight Workouts -

Vision Center - Eye Care & Health -

Types of Trauma Therapy -

Legal and Financial Planning for Alzheimers -

Lung Cancer Center -

Am I Depressed? Take a Depression Test -

Types of Dentures & Causes for Treatment -

A Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Managing PTSD -

Should I enroll in Medicare if I have VA coverage? -

Types of Eyeglasses -

Best Glasses for Round Faces -

Guide to Patients With Dementia and Alzheimer’s for Nurses and Caregivers -

A GoodRx Guide to Mental Health for Teens -

Five Ways to Cope with PTSD -

Mental Health Counselors and Resources for College Students -

Understanding the Male Menopause and Mental Health -

Asbestos Lung Cancer Claim Eligibility -

Best practices for remote monitoring of blood glucose patients -

Brain Games, Activities, and More: Resources for Preventing Memory Loss -

Emergency Room Wait Times -

Telstone IOP Behavioral Healthcare Treatment -

Are All-Nighters Bad For Your Health? -

Parents’ Guide: So Your Child Has Been Diagnosed With Autism -

Autism Resources & Help (For Parents, Teachers & More) -

Adult Autism: Signs, Diagnosis & Treatment -

Living Alone & Housing Resources for People With Autism -

The Levels of Autism: Unique Treatment Approaches for Each -

Mental Health Treatment in NJ -

Treatment for Teens and Adults -

Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasm -

The Relationship Between Gut Health and Anxiety -

Gut Health and Allergies -

Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorders) -

Trauma-Based Therapy at Defining Wellness -

Suicide Prevention Resource Guide -

High Fiber Food List -

How Much Fiber Per Day for Women and Men -

How Much L-Glutamine Per Day? -

Help Veterans with PTSD -

Therapy & RPGs: How Tabletop Role-Playing Games Benefit Our Mental Health -

Mental Illness and the Media -

Taking care of your mental well-being before and during your wedding -

Resources for Suicide Prevention -

Managing Gout: A Complete Guide to Causes and Treatment -

What Can Trigger a Depressive Episode? -

Here is another link for Mesothelioma Prognosis. -

Mesothelioma Center at -

MesotheliomaHelp -

Treat Mesothelioma -

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center -

Mesothelioma -

We Care About Your Mesothelioma Diagnosis -

Demanding Justice for Mesothelioma Victims -

Mesothelioma Information -

Mesothelioma Treatment Center -

Mesothelioma Lawyers -

What Is the Life Expectancy for Mesothelioma Patients? -

Mesothelioma Treatment Community -

50% to Mesothelioma Lawsuit Guide -

Baron and Budd Mesothelioma Lawyer -

Veterans and Mesothelioma -

Mesothelioma Lawyers with the Experience to Take on the Asbestos Industry -

Potential Plaintiffs in Mesothelioma Litigation -

Financial Assistance and Resources for Mesothelioma -

Mesothelioma -

Helpful Resources for Mesothelioma Patients -

Addiction Helper -

Top Glenside, PA Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings -

Glenside Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers -

PTSD and Substance Abuse Help for Veterans -

Addiction Center -

Veterans and Addiction -

Alcoholism in Veterans -

Alcohol Treatment -

Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans -

Veterans and Substance Abuse -

AddictionNetwork -

Alcohol Treatment -

National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab -

Addiction Intervention Helpline -

Addiction Guide -

Family Addiction Resources -

Choosing The Right Rehab -

To Rated, Low Cost Rehabs -

2020 Guide to Substance Abuse in Veterans -

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment -

Substance Abuse in College Students -

How Addiction is Becoming a Risk to Seniors -

Veterans Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resources -

Drug Dangers -

Is My Teen Using Drugs -

Sleep Deprivation & Addiction: How To Guide For Healthy Sleep Patterns -

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans -

Guide to Low Cost or Free Drug Rehab Options -

Addiction Rehab Centers -

Get Clean, Get Sober, Get Detox -

Drug Danders -

Heroin: Rehab & Recovery -

Heroin Addiction: Dangers & Side Effects -

Drug Rehab Connections -

Drug Rehab Guides for Addicted Veterans & their Families -

Help for Veterans Struggling with Addiction -

Alcohol And Drug Rehab For Veterans -

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups -

Willow Springs Recovery -

Alcohol Effects, Addiction Treatment, and Resources -

Addiction Treatment for Veterans -

Addiction Resources for Veterans -

11 Best Veterans Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers -

Alcohol Rehab Help -

Insomnia During Drug and Alcohol Recovery -

Substance Abuse Addiction Rehab -

Substance Abuse Treatments -

Veteran Addiction Guide -

Addiction Rehab Centers -

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal -

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System -

Veterans and Alcohol Use Disorder -

Online Addiction Counseling -

Detox Rehabs -

Addiction Resources for Veterans -

Teen Substance Abuse Resources -

Talking to teens about alcohol -

Military Insurance (TRICARE) Drug Rehab Facilities -

Inpatient Treatment -

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment -

Live Free Recovery | Addiction Treatment -

Kingsway Recovery Center -

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources -

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Women Seeking Help from Addiction -

Harmony Place Resources LA Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Resources -

Free By The Sea Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center -

Addiction Resources in Northern Illinois -

Addiction Treatment and Resources in New Jersey -

Additional Treatment Center in Portland Maine -

Addiction Therapy Programs -

Addiction Treatment Center in South Florida -

Addiction Resources in South Carolina -

Resources at Drug Rehabs in New Jersey -

Inpatient Rehab -

Addiction Treatment -

Legends Recovery Center -

Addiction Treatment Programs -

Tulua Health Addiction Treatment -

Orlando Treatment Solutions -

Substance Abuse -

Jaywalker Addiction recovery -

Magnolia City Alcohol and Drug Detox -

First City Recovery Center - and

Focused Addiction Recovery -

The Discovery Institute -

Illinois Recovery Center -

Veterans & Addiction - 

Virtual Support and Online Addiction Meetings -

Finding Recover programs and Support Groups -

Addiction and Mental Illness FAQ -

Tips on how to help a friend with addiction -

American Addiction Center -

Addiction Treatment Center in Maryland -

Addiction Treatment in Washington -

Southeast Addiction Center -

Live Another Day - 

Detox Local - 

Housing Options - Shelters through Transitional Housing Options -

Homebuying Resourses for Veterans -

Selling a Home with Modifications for Older Adults -

Veterans Homebuying Guide -

Guide to Storage and Moving -

Home Resources -

The Complete Homebuying Guide for Veterans -

Home Improvement Resources for The Elderly & Disabled: Renovations and Grants -

Smart Home Automation -

Best VA Home Loans for 2020 -

Apartment Assistance for Vets -

Veteran Resources for Buying a Home -

A Landlord’s and Tenant’s Guide to Granny Pods for Senior Living -

Flood Safety and Preparedness Guide -

A Guide to Housing Benefits for Veterans -

Inside Bedroom -

Inside Bedroom Sleeping Statistics -

Astounding Sleep Statistics and Facts of 2021 That will Provoke Change for a Better Future -

Current VA Loan Rates Available Locally -

What is a walk in tub? -

Best tips to buy a walk in tub -

Homeowners Guide to Deck Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance -

Household Waste Management Guide for Parents -

Does VA Pay For Medical Alert Systems -

How to Raise Your Credit Score to Buy a House -

Guide for Deck Lights Disposal and Recycling

Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Rights -

Career Resources for Veterans -

Pennsylvania Counseling Programs Guide -

Accredited Psychology Schools in Pennsylvania -

Accredited Master of Social Work Degrees in Pennsylvania -

DeVry Military Applications -

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree -

Psychology Scholarships Guide -

Career Pathways Guide -

Degree Guide -

2019 Most Affordable Military-Friendly Online Colleges -

2019 Best Military-Friendly Online Colleges -

4 Tips to Help Veterans Become Entrepreneurs -

Best Job Sites Platforms:

Best Scholarship Search Platforms:

Attending Military Academies -

Enrolling in Military Education -

Transitioning from College to Military -

Attending College for Disabled Veterans -

Comprehensive Guide to the MBA -

Pennsylvania Guide to Business Education -

A “how-to” guide for Vets on getting everything started in their entrepreneurial adventure. -

A Guide to Military-Friendly Colleges -

Smart Home Technology for Seniors -

Financial Aid Overview and Scholarships -

Financial Aid for Christian Colleges -

Starting a Business -

Cyber Security Education and Training Resources for Veterans -

Military Veteran Scholarships -

CNA Free Training Scholarship -

CNA Scholarship -

The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety -

Library Science Programs -

Masters of Speech Pathology Degrees -

The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety - Scholarship for Military Members and Veterans - Military Spouse Scholarship - Nursing Scholarship for Military & Veterans - Scholarship for Military Children -

Student Scholarships -

A Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarships for Veterans -

Nurse Practitioner Licensure and Career Options -

Grantham Heroes Program -

Guide to freelancing jobs for veterans -

Psychology Careers Guide -

Military Friendly Colleges -

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification -

Resources for Veteran Owned Businesses -

Virginia Tech -

The University of Iowa Resources -

How to Write a CV - Tips and Advice to Help You Land a Job -

Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid and FAFSA for College Students -

Scholarship Guide for Hispanic and Latino Students -

or our Becas Universitarias para Estudiantes Hispanos y Latinos (for Spanish-speaking students) -

Scholarship Guide for LGBTQ Students -

Scholarship Guide for Students of Color -

Scholarship Guide for Black Students -

Post-service Engineering Career Guide for Veterans -

Here are some Income Tax links that will be useful to all veterans. Income Tax Guides -

Conservation Tax Center -

National VFW Website -

Pennsylvania State VFW Website -

Veterans Administration -

Pennsylvania Veterans Administration -

GI Bill Benefits -

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations -

Forms and Records Request -

Geriatrics and Extended Care -

My Health e Vet -

Community Outreach RX Dangers -

National Association of State Directors -

Records Center and Vault Home -

VHA Forms, Publications, Manuals -

Mental -

Montgomery County Pennsylvania -

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations -

Money Savings Pro - Computer and Electronics -

Consumer Dangers -

Maritime Injury Center -

Assistive Technology Buying Guide -

Special Needs Seniors: Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population

Legal Guide for Newly Disabled Seniors

Justice For Vets -

Advanced Care Planning -

State Rep. Madeleine Dean -

Directory of Pro Bono Legal Aid -

Guidance for Veterans' Mental Health -

Internet Gateway for Low Vision -

Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home -

Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign -

Limited Mobility Home Modifications -


Chapters Capistrano -

Monarch Shores -

Consumer Safety Guide -

Abington Jefferson Health Veterans Resource Guide

A great tool for planning on how much financing your business will take and the best ways to go about funding. -

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Credit Cards -

Improving Prognosis -

Secured Personal Loans - Comparison of Products -

What features should you look for in an adjustable bed? -

A retiree’s guide to hosting on Airbnb -

Planning for Life after Discharge -

Transition to Civilian Life -

Surviving Spouses Resources -

Best Jobs for Returning Service members -

ASVAB Test Prep -

A Home Safety Checklist for Wheelchair Users -

Ultimate Guide to Travel Discounts (2019): Military, Students, Seniors & Groups -

Vision Direct -

How Does Medicare Work When You Turn 65? -

Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones -

Wood Ramp Design: How to Add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too -

Top 5 things to consider when designing an accessible bathroom for wheelchair users. -

Handicap Accessible Modifications That Won’t Turn Off Future Homebuyers -

Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Backyard For Visitors -

Wheelchair Gardening Tips -

Building An Accessible Garage -

End of Life Planning -

Silent Professions - Private Security Jobs -

PetFirst Pet Insurance provides a 5% military discount on all pet insurance needs for any armed forces members, current or veteran. -

Guide to Hearing Health -

The Art of Tidying Up: A Complete Guide to a Decluttered Life -

What To Have In Your Car In Case of Disaster -

Home Renovation For Aged Parents Well-Being -

Fire Safety at Home -

ADT Natural Disaster Map -

10 Simple Tips For Choosing a Commercial Insurance Agent -

CBD Oil Benefits -

Types of Whistleblower Claims -

Wikibuy 63 Places Offering Discounts for People With Disabilities -

Best VA Loans -

Caregiving Tips -

Prep Your Car for a Disaster -

Decluttering Your Home Checklist -

Smart Teck for Seniors -

Emotional Support Animal Laws -

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Screening Test -

Clinical Trials -

How GW Supports Service Members -

How Can Whistleblowers Help Fight Fraud? -

Your Complete Guide to Understanding Bullying in the Modern Age -

Understanding Bullying -

Your Complete Guide to Hurricane Safety -

Permanent Life Insurance -

Grandfolk -

Tankless Water Heaters -

Save Money on Internet -

15 Common Questions on Property and Casualty Insurance -

A Complete Guide to Service Animal Laws, Rights, and Resources -

The Sandwich Generation’s Guide to Managing Stress and Finances -

MSW Programs in Pennsylvania -

CBD for Veterans -

Everything You Need To Know ABout SB 1087 and How It Affects Your Auto Insurance -

How to Find a Commercial Insurance Broker -

How do I create a Will? -

Online Marketing for Healthcare & Medical Practices -

Gift Giving Etiquette for Businesses -

Smart Guide for Every Beginner Cyclist -

Top Cycling Tips for Beginners -

Best Internet Providers in Glenside PA -

Why are Prefab Church Buildings So Popular? -

100 American Companies That Sell USA-Made Products -