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Andrew Victor Amici

Rest In Peace Comrade
July 5th, 1950 – June 11th 2015


On January 28th, 1986, while waiting for the launch of a space shuttle, Drew Amici, a Titusville Florida resident, had been doing research on the painting of the “Spirit of ‘76” by the painter Benjamin Willard.

The painting was based on a Revolutionary War battle in which a trio of musicians rallies a Continental Army to victory. The painting depicts a young boy drummer, an elderly drummer and a middle-aged fife player. The painting conveys the idea that America was founded on volunteerism from people of all ages. A few seconds later the space shuttle “Challenger” exploded. After the shock wore off, it dawned on Mr. Amici that the simple answer to the question; “Why has America accomplished so much in more than 200 years?”. The answer was the “Spirit of ‘76”.

The “Spirit of ‘76” is not a color guard made up of young people. It is the patriotic spirit of the soldiers that defend us, the spirit of the police and fire personnel who protect, the spirit of our elected officials who govern, boy and girl scouts that serve, astronauts who explore and the list goes on. The “Spirit of ‘76” is the spirit of America in all of us.

I would like to report that the “Spirit of ‘76” color guard remains alive at North Penn VFW Post 676 in Glenside Pennsylvania. Thanks to the efforts of Marie and Frank Roth and the great young men that Drew trained while he was still alive.

John Sweeney

Rest in Peace Comrade
March 8th, 1947 – January 21st 2017
“We are all family here!”

Jim McGuire Jr.

Rest in Peace Comrade
September 25th, 1946 – August 24th 2017

Chuck Seratore

Rest in Peace Comrade
October 23rd, 1959 – September 12th, 2016

Thomas Patrick Sweeney

Rest in Peace Comrade
December 9th, 1924 – July 23rd, 2020

Edward W. Carver

Rest in Peace Comrade
May 2nd, 1931 – August 29th, 2015

Gregory David Blash

Rest in Peace Comrade
February 1948 – November 7th, 2022

Gregory David Blash